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Astronomical Observing for Public and Private Events

Astronomical Observing for Public and Private Events Astronomical Observing for Public and Private Events

About us

Lifelong memories begin here.

Fun for the Whole Family

It's a thrilling fun experience for all ages! Comments we hear most often while people look through our telescopes are, "Holy #/!", "OMG", "Is that real?" 

Hercules Cluster. 300,000+ stars

CONNECT with the Universe

With our huge powerful telescopes and expert personable astronomers, we guide you through a breathtaking experience you can't get from photos or screens. 

At public events in towns the outdoor lighting limits observations to brighter objects...planets and the Moon, and some star clusters.

You can actually "SEE"  with your own eyes, high-power views of the ever-changing night sky. See the planets that are up...Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars. The Moon is always amazing close up. 

For a thrilling Premium Observing Experience, join one of our limited attendance (max 15 observers per telescope) Dark Night Sky Tours at our country site... with maximum viewing time for all under a canopy of the Milky Way, we take you on a deep sky voyage of  star clusters, star-forming nebulae , and even other galaxies far, far away!  Select Book Now for full information.

Who We Are

Dan and Bill Gordon are brothers. After decades living in different states, Dan moved back to California and together they created a unique business model that brings the professional astronomy observatory experience to public, business and private events and parties.

Both brothers have had a lifelong passion for astronomy. Dan designed, prototyped and marketed astronomy astrophotography accessories for 20 years. From 2007 to 2018 he worked as a Public Affairs Specialist conducting daytime tours and night time star parties at  the research observatories of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory.

Bill is a master woodworker and he raised 4 kids in Healdsburg. Examples of his fine craftsmanship are plentiful in Sonoma County. He has built telescopes, including precision optics.


1. We set up telescopes at many public music events in Cloverdale, Healdsburg and Windsor throughout the prime observing season...April-October. See what's scheduled on the PUBLIC EVENTS page

2. Book your own Private Star Party! at your location. Great for parties, special events, weddings, etc. Click on BOOK NOW below to set up your Private Star Party

3. Join a small group for a PREMIUM DARK SKY ASTRONOMY OBSERVING EXPERIENCE at our conveniently located  Country Observing Site,  about 1/2 hour from Healdsburg, CA. Tours limited to 15 per telescope so everyone gets personal attention and lots of observing time. Tour the Universe and get magical memories of a lifetime! Click on BOOK NOW to join one of our Exclusive PREMIUM NIGHT SKY TOURS